In the June 8, 2010 of “The Colbert Report,” Mark Frauenfelder, editor of MAKE Make magazine and author of “Made by Hand,” showed off our TweetM Twitter light among the projects he demonstrated on the show.
Tod E. Kurt, ThingM’s CTO, made this project, a light that glows whenever anyone tweets selected keywords, from scratch in a couple of days using the YellowJacket Arduino clone, a BlinkM, a power supply and some wires.
On the show, the TweetM was programmed to glow red whenever anyone tweeted “Colbert,” blue whenever anyone tweeted “Freedom” and white whenever anyone wrote “grizzlies” on Twitter (which, as we known from the Colbert ThreatDown, are the greatest threat to America today).
We are honored to be mentioned by Mark and to be on the Colbert Report, which we’re huge fans of. We’re putting together a TweetM kit so you can make one yourself!
Pre-order your kits from FunGizmos today!

Posted in June 2010