Mike Kuniavsky researches, designs and writes about people’s experiences at the intersection of technology and everyday life. Companies and universities around the world use his 2003 book, “Observing the User Experience,” to understand and teach techniques that bring the design of products closer to the people who use them. His next book, “Smart Things,” expected in 2009 from Elsevier, will discuss user experience design for mobile devices and ubiquitous computing. He has also contributed to a number of other books, including the encyclopedic “HCI Handbook” (2007 edition) and his articles regularly appear in MAKE magazine. He is a regular presenter at academic conferences focusing on user experience design and ubiquitous computing.

In 2001 he cofounded Adaptive Path, a leading San Francisco internet consultancy. Previously, he founded the Wired Digital User Experience Lab for Wired Magazine’s online division, where he served as the interaction designer of the award-winning search engine, HotBot.

He has worked as a consultant and designer for companies such as
. PacBell
. Crayola
. National Public Radio
. McGraw-Hill
. Cypress Semiconductor
. Whirlpool
. Macromedia
. Corel
. Qualcomm
. Yamaha

Mike Kuniavsky | Photo: Cassidy Curtis

Mike Kuniavsky | Photo: Cassidy Curtis



Observing the User Experience

Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier, 2003
ISBN: 1558609237

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Human Computer Interaction Handbook

Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko (editors)
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007
ISBN: 0805858709

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For MAKE Issue 07 (2006): A Sublime Machine

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Volume 12, Number 4 (July/August 2005): Projections
into the World: Service avatars as Ambient Intelligence objects
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June 2004: The Smart Furniture Manifesto