Tod E. Kurt has engineered the hardware and software for robotic camera systems that went to Mars. He was a founding developer and systems architect of Overture Systems, originally GoTo.com, later sold to Yahoo. While at Overture, he was a key strategist in technology relationships with companies such as Microsoft, AOL, Ask, Lycos, CNN, and the New York Times. Tod holds several key patents in the field of Internet Search technology. Tod also writes for MAKE magazine and has been an active instructor and developer in the Arduino community since 2006.

As an internet technology consultant, he has worked with
. Yahoo
. GoTo.com / Overture
. Idealab
. Pacific Bell
. Trader Joe’s
. Tales from the Crypt
. id Software

As a hardware engineer, he has worked with
. BlastOff
. Malin Space Science Systems
. Altadena Instruments
. Caltech
. Gemstar



Hacking Roomba

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Spooky Arduino (2006)

An introduction to Arduino, sensors, and actuators

Bionic Arduino (2007)

An introduction to Arduino and mechatronics



For Make Vol 19:
Servo Primer

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Cool Tools Podcast: Show 125


“A system and method for enabling information providers using a computer network such as the Internet to influence a position for a search listing within a search result list generated by an Internet search engine.” [Read more]

6983272 / 7092901, 20060015401
”A two-stage sponsored link mechanism is embedded in a Web page such that the amount of available information to the user is exponentially related to the space devoted to the sponsored links. In the first stage, a server provides categories and topics, in the form of searchable keywords, for inclusion in the Web page.” [Read more]


O’Reilly ETech 2009 – The New "Situation:" Frameworks for Spatial Mediation