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ThingM’s new TweetM featured on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report

San Francisco, CA – Get ready, world. ThingM, a boutique electronics design and manufacturing company, and its brainchild TweetM Twitter light are about to change your social networking life.
On June 8th, 2010, editor of MAKE Make magazine and author of Made by Hand Mark Frauenfelder demonstrated the TweetM Twitter light on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. Created by ThingM’s CTO Tod E. Kurt, the TweetM is a freestanding light that glows whenever anyone tweets selected keywords.
The user can choose up to ten Twitter search terms and associate each of them with any color or pattern. Whenever someone on Twitter types them in, the TweetM will light up in the assigned color. You don’t even have to turn on a computer or look at your phone!
For The Colbert Report, the TweetM was programmed to glow red whenever someone tweeted “Colbert,” blue for “Freedom” and white for “grizzlies” (which, as we know from the Colbert ThreatDown, are the greatest threat to America today).
TweetM is completely hackable. Want to add a light for each topic you’re following? Make a robot arm wave when your mom tweets? The kit has all the parts you need to build a TweetM, even if you have no previous knowledge of electronics or programming. The TweetM software is Open Source, so you can extend its functionality however you want.
TweetM isn’t the only ThingM product that will light up your world. The tiny smart LED BlinkM MinM is available now! Coming on the heels of the popular BlinkM and BlinkM MaxM, MinM is designed as a component most useful for decorative lighting in environments, on clothing, as an indicator light (think of the breathing white LED on Macs) or when prototyping small electronics such as toys. About the size of a quarter, its attachment points make it easy to sew onto garments or mount in unusual locations – tiny AND stealthy!
Finally, not content to let BlinkM stand on its own, the thumb-drive-sized LinkM USB Smart LED Controller will allow you to program your BlinkMs without drivers or additional software or hardware. LinkM is also in stores now.
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Founded in 2006 by Mike Kuniavsky and Tod E. Kurt, ThingM is a ubiquitous computing device studio. Here, networked electronics meet user experience design in products for everyday problem solving and self-expression. We bring together people’s lives with cutting edge technologies to develop and manufacture original products and services.
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