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It took us almost a week to recover from the two days of Maker Faire, but now we’ve recovered, we’ve shipped BlinkMs to our distributors (see below) and we’re making plans for our exciting summer.


Maker Faire was enormous, crowded and fantastic (O’Reilly has a summary writeup). We got lucky and were placed next to Greg Leyh’s tesla coils, which only disrupted our electronics occasionally and brought people to us in droves. We were talking nonstop for two days. It’s fantastic to see so many people interested in DIY technology and we were very proud to part of that community.


[and for those of you who are wondering where our wine rack is, we haven’t forgotten you: check out the Appearances section]




We mailed almost two thousand BlinkMs to our distributors this week. Several are already shipping them and the others will be doing so in a matter of days, so the long drought is over! Get ’em while they’re, uh, awesomely blinky! 😉




We are happy to be working with the best distributors in the business. At Maker Faire, we got to hang out with several of them, and it was a pleasure. We encourage you to visit all of them not just for BlinkMs, but for all of the cool stuff they sell.



Little Bird Electronics,, BlinkM:



Cool Components,,






FunGizmos,, BlinkM:

NKC Electronics,, BlinkM:

Sparkfun Electronics,, BlinkM:

Maker Store,




Our fellow Bay Area hacker enthusiasts at Monkey Electric and Instructables are holding a contest for the coolest use of glowing lights documented on We think that BlinkMs are the perfect secret weapon in creating lighting projects quickly and we would love to see a bunch of BlinkM projects in the contest. The contest runs from now until June 22, so hurry!


Here are the complete details:


If you enter the contest using a BlinkM, send a link to and we’ll hold our own drawing for the best BlinkM-based project, with the prize being a package of secret and unique ThingM stuff.




We’ve had several folks ask how to control BlinkMs with Max/MSP. Well, Ben Bleything, an early BlinkM enthusiast, figured it out and posted detailed instructions and a Max/MSP patch on his blog. Since Max/MSP is one of the most popular ways to control digital music and art projects, we thought it would be of interest. Now you can add a mini light show to your generative music composition, or control a BlinkM with any MIDI instrument.


Here’s Ben’s blog post about it:




June 5-8, 2008, Phoenix, AZ: Mike will give a keynote at the annual conference of the North American Serials Interest Group. Mike will talk about how ubiquitous computing allows physical objects to have the kind of relationship to services that journals and periodicals have to ideas. More info:


July 17-18, Napa, CA: Tod and Mike will be showing WineM, their smart wine at TASTE3, the premier food, wine and art show in Napa. “TASTE3 brings together more than forty of the most compelling writers, thinkers, chefs, winemakers, journalists, artisans, and executives as speakers and hosts, joining 400 attendees who are every bit as tapped-in. TASTE3 will thrill, tantalize, engage, intrigue, provoke, and inspire both its audience and its speakers.” More info at

Posted in May 2008