ThingM Project Feature: Explosives Detonator Prop Explosives Detonator Prop                           Created By: Chris Ellerby

Recently we had the job of creating a explosives detonator prop, and once again, I just had to put a BlinkM in the project!    When the device is "armed" the screen displays a flashing  message and a 30 second looping countdown begins.  This triggers the BlinkM to start flashing in a Red - Red - Green pattern.   The center dash lights were mounted in a light diffusing case, and looked amazing on set.

Materials Needed:

- One standard plastic hobby box with a power toggle switch

- Key entry pad

- LCD display

- wireless antenna

- Last but not least a BlinkM smart LED!

BlinkMProjectFeature-ExplosivesDetonatorProp (Downloadable PDF)