Shannon Ebner's: "And, Per Se" and Light Boxes


Shannon Ebner’s work centers on a do-it-yourself alphabet of handmade letters and signs temporarily placed—and strategically displaced— in public contexts. The artist sets language in the service of photography, her cryptic messages captured and fixed in black-and-white photographs. Populating actual yet uncertain landscapes or mise-en-scènes including California real estate sites, the La Brea Tar Pits, and the Washington Monument, these ephemeral signs spell out such darkly ambiguous phrases as “Landscape Incarceration,” “The Doom,” and “The Day—Sob—Dies.”

Ebner recently created a piece tittle "And, Per Se" for the Venice Biennale and included her Light Box pieces in her current UCLA Hammer show.  We're happy to say she was able to use  ThingM MaxMs for the lighting component of her work!

To see the video of her installation on "AND, Per Se" please visit:

To read Ebner's UCLA Hammer interview please visit: