Abraham Peter's: LED Cheer Box!

With the great help of ThingM, the Legend Performance Cheer box is the next generation of Cheerleading equipment. Using injection molded ABS and a collapsible design, the Legend cheer box gives you minimal weight and high performance all packaged into a highly portable and easy to carry accessory.

This box has gone through two other versions that focused on collapsibility and safety. But the real innovation takes place with the use of LEDs. The legend box uses an array or LEDs on the face to give you customized graphics and animations. I consulted the help of Tod E. Kurt to help design and implement the the LED board. Running on the Arduino platform, strip LED lighting was reconfigured into a panel to create a board that had code written to display animated gifs. The real challenge was to make the LED panel easy to use, easy to upload new data, and had to run on batteries. We were able to power the arduino and the LEDs on 4 C Batteries, used one button to control the power and animations, and would ideally only need to use a USB cable to upload new data. Other versions of this collapsible box include a detachable panel that would make the LEDs completely independent so you could use the display as a sign and hold hold it up at competitions and games. Adding infrared technology and wireless capabilities could also open the door to communication between boxes and group messages across multiple boxes. The possibilities are endless and we look to continue this project further.

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