ThingM Internship!

Work on Open Source hardware, firmware and software with us in Pasadena!  We're a company dedicated to making innovative technology for the hacking, making, tinkering and design worlds.  We are looking for someone with strong technical skills and the desire to put them to practical use helping us make our products better, more interesting and more efficient. We need someone who can take an idea and run with it, writing great, readable, maintainable Java and C. Atmel AVR microcontroller experience a big plus, but not required if you have other awesome skills.

You have to be comfortable working in a tiny company that's distributed around California, communicating frequently with company management.

More information about ThingM can be found on, including examples of products we've developed.

We're looking to begin immediately, the internship would last for 3 months, and we would need about 15 hours a week.  For more information and details please email: