ThingM September Newsletter!

blink(1) POST KICKSTARTER UPDATE We have been hard at work turning the blink(1) into a reality!  The main focus for September was programming and manufacturing blink(1) chips - as well as developing the blink(1) packaging.More about blink(1): Questions: UX BRIGHTON 21012 This November Mike Kunivsky, ThingM’s Co-Founder, will be speaking at UX Brighton 2012! This years theme is “Past and Present Interactions”.  A mix of practical and theoretical, commercial and academic – the idea behind this year’s theme is that knowledge of the past informs us to create better products for the future.THINGM BLOG We have posted a awesome new Seedkit project on the ThingM blog!  Let the Georgia Tech students introduce you to the world of digital puppetry, where they use BlinkMs to create the puppets personae.