ThingM November Newsletter!

blink(1) OCTOBER KICKSTARTER UPDATES October has been quite a month for blink(1)!  The ThingM team has been meticulously documenting the highs and lows of turning blink(1) into a reality.  This month we've made progress on developing the application design, electronics + casing manufacturing, as well as the packaging production.  We've hit a few unanticipated bumps in the road - including the Mooncake Festival which halted production for a week.  We are ending October on a high note with the arrival of our production samples for both the packaging and blink(1) itself.  They look great!

To follow the blink(1) progress and updates please visit: To pre-order a blink(1): Questions:

THINGM BLOG We've been carefully documenting the progress of the blink(1) as well as sharing any and all ThingM relevant news.  One exciting update is that our very own Mike Kuniavsky’s Observing the User Experience, Second Edition has recently been released.  Hooray!