ThingM November Newsletter!

blink(1) NOVEMBER KICKSTARTER UPDATES November has continued to be an incredibly busy blink(1) month.  The most exciting news is - we've started shipping!  To  read about all of the highs and lows of our manufacturing and assembly process please read our full posts.

To follow the blink(1) progress and updates please visit: To pre-order a blink(1): Questions:

THINGM BLOG We've shared some exciting new ThingM projects of the blog this month!  Including a incredible BlinkM architectural model (it uses over 650 BlinkMs!) created by our friends over at EOS Lightmedia - and a Star Trek glow pin.

THINGM SEEDKITS End of semester reminder!

For the last few years we’ve been offering students and institutions an opportunity to experiment and play with ThingM products through our Seedkit program. This year we’ve changed it up a bit, in exchange for a greatly reduced price, all we ask is participants commit to documenting and sharing their process with us. We’ll hopefully inspire our ThingM community by sharing the best ideas on our blog and in our newsletters. This year we have two options, a whole schmogasborg of ThingM goodies called the Grab Bag, as well as a Wearables Kit specifically geared for soft goods.

  • Wearable Kit: $60 for 10 MinMs and 2 LinkMs
  • Grab Bag: $100 for 10 BlinkMs, 5 BlinkM MaxMs, and 2 LinkMs

All Seedkits are intended for educational, non-commercial purposes, you must have a .edu email address to request a Seedkit.  If interested please contact Kim directly at: