ThingM Project Feature: Burning Man Bike BlinkM Burning Man Bike     Creator: Chris Ellerby

For this amazing Burning Man bike project I took a Worksman trike and lined the frame with RGB LED light bars and wired them all to a single controller. The light bars can be easily set to display a single color, flashing color sequence, or slow fading color sequence, all from a single button. The bike is also wired with a stereo sound system, a 12v 18am hour SLA battery, and even has space left in the rear basket for a small cooler. To push this project over the top, the BlinkM MaxM made its glorious return. I took a small plastic skull and mounted the MaxM inside with a 9v battery and a toggle switch. The MaxM was programmed with a random sequence of colors, and the whole thing was attached to the front of the bike. As you can see from the following video, it really completes the project. That said, I have one more MaxM that I simply must put elsewhere on the bike, Im just looking for the perfect spot!

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