BlinkM Project Feature: Ardupilot

BlinkM as an ArduPilot Mega Indicator Creator: Josh Villibrandt

The ArduPilot Mega (APM) is an open-­‐source autopilot for RC aircraft that is currently under development. The APM package consists of a main computer board based off Arduino, a sensor board, and various other attachments to complete the whole system. In this APM project, it was decided that all of the APM components would be placed inside the fuselage body. While this is great for the appearance of the plane and the safety of the components, it also means that any status LEDs built into the APM components are hidden from view.

Materials Needed:

• BlinkM (Or BlinkM MinM or BlinkM MaxM) • RC Plane • ArduPilot Mega w/ Oilpan (the sensor board) • Four female-­‐female jumper wires • X-­‐Acto knife • Hot-­‐glue gun

BlinkM Project Feature: Autopilot (download PDF)