ThingM Project Feature: BlinkM in the Lantern BlinkM in the Lantern                                                Creator: David Enoch

David has been making handmade lanterns for years.  The halogen and xenon bulbs he used  produced nice light and shadows, but were costly and fragile, and can’t be easily powered by batteries.  Wanting to find  an LED solution for years, David was unable to find any that produced the same quality or warmth he liked - that is until he discovered BlinkM's, which he used to replace  the halogen bulbs.  He was thrilled to discover that they added a whole new character to the lanterns,  as well as the space where they were hung.  BlinkM’s helped to create interesting and unique light patterns on the walls and produced light that was both bright and warm.  He could also easily wire a 2AA battery pack to them which enabled him to free them from the wall.  In short, he won’t be going back to halogen lights, and looks forward to incorporating BlinkM's in future projects.

ProjectBlog_DavidEnoch_Lantern (Downloadable PDF)