ThingM Project Feature: Books with Personality BlinkM in Books with Personality

Creators:  Jisu Choi + Matt Kizu from Art Center

The intent of this project was to create animism in an object, with the use of programmable BlinkM® LEDs. We were interested in books because, as a set of objects, they still had a degree of individuality which we wanted to bring forward. By accentuating the character that the titles already exuded, we were able to develop each personality in unique ways, furthering the books from their common mass–produced ancestry. This experiment came close to becoming a psychoanalysis of an object–exploring themes of ego, vulnerability, intellect, and self-awareness.

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived – Forever a star in his own world, is now defiantly resisting any attempt at engaging an audience that doesn't understand his art. He is, in fact, on another level–too good for the common man to engage, and so will not allow anyone to even pick him up.

The Dictionary of the Future – Is perhaps the most sought after authority of a future that has yet to arrive. Convinced that sound-based language will not survive beyond earth, he has devised his own intergalactic visual language in an attempt to communicate with other like-minded species.  The Meaning and Measurement of Neuroticism and Anxiety – The basketcase genius will hold you captive for hours on end, obsessively discussing psychophysiological interactions, during which signs of his own neuroticism become apparent.

ProjectBlog_BookPersoanlity (Downloadable PDF)