ThingM March 2012 Newsletter!

TOD'S SILVER SCREEN DEBUT Unchained Reaction, Discovery Channels new show judged by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters — is a new six-part series that pits two teams of varying backgrounds against each other to build an elaborate chain-reaction contraption. Who is on the very first season premier you ask? Why it is our very own ThingM Co-Founder Tod Kurt!

The episode is titled " Heavy vs. Light" and Adam and Jamie challenge a team of electronics experts and a team of set carpenters to build the most creative multi-step "heavy-vs-light" themed machine. Please visit the sight and watch!

NEW DISTRIBUTOR ThingM has also welcomed a new distributor to the fold. Light With LED! Please visit them:

MIKE'S BLOG Mike has been collecting demo phones over the last several years, inadvertently documenting the last great design push before the iPhone created a consistant trend of black rectangles. Since February Mike has been photographing and blogging a phone a day on Orange Cone. Please click the link to review and learn more!

SUBMIT THINGM PROJECTS Do you have any amazing ThingM projects that you would like to share? We're currently looking for new ThingM projects to post to our blog. If you have photos, a project description that talks about your experience with our products, video, or any other material you would like to share, please email us. We look forward to seeing some amazing projects!