BlinkM in the Miniature Main Street Electrical Parade!

Mechanizing a Miniature Main Street Electrical Parade Two years in the making, it's a mechanized miniature Main Street Electrical Parade. Utilizing miniatures from the Olszewski Disneyland Collection, the Electrical Parade has been motorized to travel down Main Street U.S.A. and put to a nighttime show of music. The floats are illuminated with BlinkMs that are attached to a hidden chain system under the street and are powered by contact rails along the parade route.

It's no exaggeration to say that BlinkMs came to the rescue for this project. Creator Alex George needed a practical way to illuminate the floats in a way that  could control changes in color and even add some twinkling effects similar to the actual parade.  Each BlinkM could be programmed to do it's own thing in a stand alone fashion greatly simplified that goal.  Alex also networked them together for future plans of synchronizing their playback for a more complex light show.

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The miniature Electrical Parade travels down this z-scale Main Street U.S.A. thanks to a hidden chain which pulls the floats along a slot in the road.

BlinkMs illuminate each float from underneath the street.

The chain system which defines the parade path is completed. Notice the special tabbed links to which the BlinkMs will be attached.

A backstage view as the parade proceeds from its hidden underground queue up to Main Street.