LinkM at SLAC

LinkM at SLAC Wow, one of our products is in use at a particle accelerator! Check out the LinkM on that board!

JimP at SLAC writes us to say:

The attached picture shows the board programmer we've developed using the LinkM as an interface to test and debug the mezzanine cards we're building for the Cluster-on-Board (COB) project. The small card on the left is a Virtex4 system-on-chip device which is used as a 10 Gbit data processing module. This DPM has an I2C chain which stores small amounts of persistent data like bootstrap and TCP/IP info. The blue connector on the upper right goes to another type of board (an ATCA Rear Transmission Module) with similar requirements. We've also added a JTAG chain for processor support.

So far, we've got four of these, and are on track to make another 10 in the coming months. (Which reminds me that I have to call SparkFun for more dongles...)

Thanks a lot for putting this product out, it has saved us at least a month of development time.