ThingM April Newsletter!

MIKE PRESENTING AT "PRODUCTS ARE HARD" CONFERENCE ThingMs Co-Founder Mike Kuniavsky - will be presnting at the upcoming "Products are Hard" Conference! Taking place in San Franicisco on May 1st, Mike's presentation is entittled "Lean Hardware at Startups in Bigcos".

Learn more at:

THINGM BLOG We have exciting new projects up on the ThingM blog! Featured this month is a ThingM Technology Sketch called LockM. LockM is a portable and secure personal thumb drive, adding a sense of protection and high design to an everyday experience. Please visit our blog to learn more.

Alex George's Mini Main Street Electrical Parade features ThingM's very own BlinkM - as well as LinkM at SALC!

MAKER FAIRE ThingM will once again be at the annual San Mateo Maker Faire. This is a wonderful two day festival that includes electronics, robots, and driving cupcakes just to name a few. Please come say hello and check out new projects - we'll be in the Make Shed!

SUBMIT THINGM PROJECTS Do you have any amazing ThingM projects that you would like to share? We're currently looking for new ThingM projects to post to our blog. If you have photos, a project description that talks about your experience with our products, video, or any other material you would like to share, please email us. We look forward to seeing some amazing projects!