WireM's are Awesome!

WireM is a connector kit for the BlinkM family of Smart LED products that makes creating multi-BlinkM installations fast and easy.  It contains all parts needed to make BlinkM strands controlled by LinkM or Arduino with up to 10 BlinkM devices.

WireM works with any combination of BlinkMs, MaxMs, MinMs, FreeMs and CtrlMs, making prototyping fast and easy. No soldering is required. Put connectors wherever you want on the ribbon cable, plug into your BlinkMs, plug in a controller--or just a 5v power supply if you want an easy way to make a power bus--and go! Buy multiple kits if you want more than 10 BlinkMs on a single bus.

WireM includes:

  • 10 feet of ribbon cable
  • 10 2x4 pin connectors to connect BlinkMs
  • A 4-pin header to connect to LinkM or a breadboard for Arduino

What you can use WireM for:

  • Create an extension cable for your BlinkM casemod
  • Easily wire up a multi-BlinkM string of festive lights
  • Create a BlinkM Cylon
  • Experiment with multiple I2C devices with Arduino

Where can you get an amazing WireM?  Please visit our online store where they can be purchased directly: