blink(1) Kickstarter Updates!

11 Kickstarter Days left!

Customization options:

For those of you who want different light output pattern than what the stock enclosure provides, we will be providing alternate enclosures on Shapeways and Thingiverse. If you've worked with BlinkMs, you know the LEDs we use can be painfully bright. We've been tuning the enclosure so the light from blink(1) isn't blinding but a soothing glow. But we also want to give the option of experiencing the fun of raw LED light.  So we've made the case top removable for your own experiments.  For instance, here's two blink(1) prototypes, one with a 3d-printed prototype enclosure, another topless but a glue gun stick used as a light pipe.  LEDs are fun!

Hardware Innovation Workshop talk:

If you'd like to hear some behind-the-scenes backstory of blink(1), in May Tod Kurt spoke at Make Magazine's Hardware Innovation Workshop.  In his talk he describes how fast products can be developed using Open Source tools and built with Open Source components.

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