Make an omnidirectional blink(1) with a ping-pong ball

Here's a quick hack to try if you have a blink(1) and want a light that is large and viewable from more angles than what blink(1) normally provides. It does make things a bit larger though. It turns out ping-pong balls make excellent diffusers for LEDs. Here's how to attach a ping-pong ball diffuser to your blink(1) so you can put a computer-controlled notification light just about anywhere. omni-blink1-animated

blink(1) omni-light with ping-pong ball diffuser

Tools Needed: - blink(1) USB RGB LED - white ping pong ball - hobby knife - hot glue gun - USB extension cable (optional)

Parts needed to make blink(1) omni-light

How to Build It

First, pop off the metal top of the blink(1). Just stick your fingernail in the divot near the USB connector and pull up. Removing blink(1) metal top

Next, cut a blink(1)-sized hole in the ping-pong ball using the hobby knife. I've found that just cutting out the logo & lettering is the best: IMG_3017

Now you're ready to hot glue. So get the hot glue plugged in and warmed up: Ready to glue ball to blink(1)

And put a small bead of hot glue around the edge of the hole you cut: Apply glue to ping-pong ball

Then sandwich the ping-pong ball onto the plastic base of the blink(1): Stick ping-pong ball to blink(1)

Now you're done! To make it even more useful, get a USB extension cable and you can place your new omni-blink(1) in any place you want. blink(1) omni-light with ping-pong ball diffuser