Chrome officially supports blink(1) hardware

chrome-blink1c3 Google wrote a blink(1) demo for Chrome!

Long ago we wrote test code to interface blink(1) with ChromeOS.  We were working towards a notification system for Chromebooks. It was shelved because our test was a big hack and proper USB HID device support for Chrome was on the horizon but wasn't available yet.

Now a year later,  as of Chrome 39.0.2140.0, the chrome.hid API is public and Google created a blink(1) demo showing how to use chrome.hid. It's just a simple set of RGB sliders but it's wonderful.

We're very excited by the development of USB HID and blink(1) support in Chrome.  Note that this works both Chromebooks and on Chrome for desktop OSes.  If there are any wizards out there who would like to help us get further on integrating blink(1) with Chrome, please drop us a line.