Team status with blink(1), Raspberry Pi & IFTTT

We have sold a lot of blink(1) notification lights to large organizations.   We've always wondered what these companies are using our devices for and recently someone from a team within a company whose name rhymes with "voogle" contacted us and sent us this neat team tracker using blink(1)s,  a Raspberry Pi, and IFTTT.

"Hi, I just wanted to send you a pic of v1 of our team status board. We're using IFTTT connected to a gmail account to control each person's light, e.g in the morning when they email the team to say "WFH today", their light will turn yellow. V1 uses 13 lights and a raspberry pi connected to wifi. We have a long roadmap of enhancements (including making a better housing) but thought you might enjoy seeing the first iteration."

It's really neat to see how our products are being used and mapping each team member to their own blink(1) looks like a big physical IM/Skype availability status window.

blink1 team tracker