Blink1Control v1.98 released: mail updates, wake/sleep fixes

blink1control-v1.98bWe've just released a v1.98 update to Blink1Control.  It includes fixes for:

  • Upgraded underlying code framework to Qt5.5 which should address issues #246, #242, #220 and make app work better on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Fixed font rendering problem on certain highDPI Windows systems, issue #237
  • Implemented sleep/wake detection to turn off & disable blink(1) on sleep, addresses issue #244
  • Mail subsystem completely rewritten to use libcurl, is more intelligent about searching, addressing issues #222 and others
  • Improved settings save & load, to address issue #221
  • Much internal cleanup of QML GUI in a move to use standard QtQuick controls

Added in this release:

  • Use the Dock / Tray menu to trigger the customizable "big buttons" ("Away", "Busy", etc.)
  • New "Open Log File" and "Open Settings File" in Preferences
  • Added to API server ability to see which patterns are playing (also added "playcount" and "playPos"), issue #243. Also to show a single pattern with localhost:8934/blink1/pattern?pname=policecar.
  • New "Move to 1st place" in BigButton context menu to allow rearranging of custom BigButtons

Known issues:

  • BigButton dock/tray menus only updated on app restart
  • POP3 protocol for Mail is currently disabled
  • Changes to proxy settings not used for Mail until app is restarted
  • Graphics still not sharp on Retina displays
  • Certain Windows systems give "black window" after sleep due to QQuickView not redrawing
  • Preferences window looks weird (but still functional) on certain highDPI Windows system

Get it now on our Github repo releases page.