Tod speaks at Hackaday Superconf about Blink1Control2

In November 2016, I (Tod) was fortunate enough to speak at the Hackaday Superconference. It was an incredible conference, one of the best I've been to.  For ThingM, I've mostly been working on software lately, getting Blink1Control2 to a usable state, so speaking at a hardware conference was a bit daunting.  But I do consider blink(1) to be an "Internet of Things" device, even though it's tethered to a computer. ThingM was created as a ubiquitous computing  design studio, essentially an IoT company before IoT.  In my talk I propose using the much richer computer GUIs to configure IoT devices, and one way I've been liking making computer GUIs is what I've been using for Blink1Control2: Node.js and Electron.

Mike at Hackaday did a great writeup of my talk and the video of it is below. (I can tell I'm out of practice giving talks after having my head down in code for over a year now :-)